GIFGUN - PLUGIN Free Download

GifGun – Plugin for After Effects

1.6.2 (Current version) – Oct 31, 2017 | 1 Mb


Batch Render! (Render multiple compositions in 1 click) | Progressive Render (Increases render speeds dramatically)

Lots of cool

GifGun – one click

The workflow is one-click

We made interface super-slick so it won’t take much of your space.

Settings are easy

We believe a properly engineered tool needs no tutorial, so we will just list our features.

GifGun – folder select

Set default gif folder

Ideal for Dropbox or other cloud sync.

Or save into the Project folder

GifGun – resize

Resize gif

Yes, we resize keeping width/height ratio

GifGun – color

Adjust color paletter

256/128 colors for best quality or 64/32 for weight. 8 for fun 🙂

GifGun – fps

Set framerate

“as comp” will use composition fps settings. Which is obvious.

GifGun – save file

Save rendered file

We remove the temporary file by default, but if you need it…

GifGun – loop




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